Fischer Elementary School

Second Grade Teachers

Nugent, Kathryn
2nd Grade Teacher
Rraklli, Vasilika
2nd Grade Teacher
Thompson, Kimberle
2nd Grade Teacher
Valencia, Claudia
2nd Grade Teacher

Welcome to Second Grade

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How to help your child choose a Good Fit Book!

Easy Books: Help kids to read more smoothly and are fun to read aloud or silently.

o A favorite book that has been read multiple times is an easy book.

o Your child knows, can understand, and read almost every word.

o The book can be read quickly and without much effort

o Your child reads the book easily and smoothly.

Good Fit Books: Good Fit books help children learn the most as they provide just enough challenge. The child should be able to figure out most of the words and understand what is going on in the text.

o Your child is interested in the book.

o Your child can tell you what is happening in the story and predict what might happen next.

o Your child has to occasionally reread parts of the text to understand it.

o There may be a few words on the page that your child needs help reading.

o Most reading is smooth-only occasionally choppy.

Hard Books: Hard books can do more harm than good. If your child selects a book that is too difficult for him/her to read, suggest reading it later or read it to him/her.

o Your child is interested in this book.

o Your child is confused about what is happening.

o Your child has difficulty understanding the book even after rereading passages.

o Your child needs lots of help to read this book.

o Your child wants to abandon the book even after displaying interest to begin it

Five-Finger Rule

As your child reads, have him/her count unknown words. If there are five or more unknown words on a page, the book is too hard for your child. You may wish to read the book aloud to him/her