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Things to Know...


Join us for an upcoming meeting!
All parents are welcome! Our next meeting will be via Zoom, please see Friday Facts for the login details! Our meeting dates are posted here: /fs/pages/4707.

Officer Nominations!
Please take a moment to review the nominations for the 2020-2021 PTA Board. These Officers and Committee members will be voted on in the May PTA meeting: /fs/pages/3529.

Elmhurst Walk-In Assistance Network
In addition to giving emergency aid for rent, utilities, etc. to Elmhurst families and people with students in District 205, EWAN also has two programs directly related to the schools. One is SWAN (Students with Activity Needs), where we can provide financial assistance with some activities that fall through the funding cracks, such as Band trips, dually enrolled college/hs course fees, etc.  EWAN also works with the school social workers and provide snacks for students on free or reduced lunch monthly at all of the schools who wish to participate.
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