SuperMoms and WatchDogs


Welcome to the official Watch DOGS and Supermoms webpage. Here you will find the official calendar and links to the individual Watch DOGS and Supermoms pages for specific information about each program. 

Here at Conrad Fischer School, we believe in the importance of parent participation in the culture and daily activities of the school. Research clearly demonstrates that parent participation in their child's education has a positive effect on educational outcomes. Students whose parents participate in school are more likely get A's, enjoy school, participate in extra curricular activities, and graduate from high school. 

For more information about the Watch DOGS and Supermoms programs, click on one fo the links to the right. If you have not had a chance to sign up to volunteer for your half-day, please call the school at (630) 832-8601 and let them know you want to sign up to be a Watch DOG or Supermom. 


Donations serve to help us purchase shirts and other supplies necessary to keep the program functioning. If you would like to make a donation to the Conrad Fischer Supermoms program, call Irene Villa, principal, at (630) 832-8601.