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Hi Parents,
Please remember to have your child read to you, practice high frequency words, and practice Math facts to 10 every day.  It's a school wide expectation that all children are reading 20 minutes daily and practicing Math facts 15 minutes daily.
Important Dates-  Friday, October 11th- Institute Day- No student attendance
                                Monday, October 14th- Columbus Day- No school
                                Tuesday, October 15th- PTA meeting
                                 Wednesday, October 23rd- Late Start (9:45-3:00)

Here's what's going on in Camp Wanna Learn this week....




Reading--We are working on describing characters, setting, and major events in a story.  In acceleration, your child will be working on comparing and contrasting characters in different stories.  Your child may bring home one book each day from their reading box.   Please be sure to return the book the next day.  Thanks so much!  Your child is expected to read at least 20 minutes every day.  Thanks for your help.


Word Work- We are working with phonemic awareness.  (working with words orally and not with paper.)  We continue to work on letters, sounds, rhyming, and what makes a word.  We are also working on the first 25 high frequency words.  Your child should be able to read and write them.  The first 25 words are in the CAMP binder.  We will be concentrating on the sound of short vowel o.  In addition, we are working on making new words by changing an ending or beginning sound.

Math-  We are learning to count on from the bigger number when adding.  We are also starting to learn when finding a missing number we can either use addition or subtraction to solve the problem.  We continue to work on word problem strategies to solve problems.  It is very important when solving word problems to follow all directions.  The children are to read the problem (I read it aloud twice), draw a picture using circles, write a number sentence, and a number bond.  If a student missed any of these steps, points will be taken off.  Thanks so much for your help!


 Science-our question this week has us thinking about why don't trees blow down in the wind.  We'll be making our own umbrella trees and test them to see if they also can withstand the wind. 

Writing-We are working on adding details through words and pictures, writing more sentences on a page, rereading to see if what's been written makes sense, and revising and editing work with the help of our writing partners.