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Welcome to




Hi Parents,
Welcome to First Grade and Camp WannaLearn.  This year will prove to be very interesting. I am excited to work with you and your children this year.  Together, we'll do amazing things!

Important Dates for December

12/14- Wear your favorite holiday or sports shirt.
12/15- Wear green
12/16-Gingerbread stories
12/17-Polar Express and Pajama Day
12/18-Wear Plaid, and
12/21- Wear Red and white
12/22-Wear your ugly sweater or sports jersey

12/23-1/5- Winter Break                        1/6- Winter Break is over- No school for students...Teacher Institute Day.  See you on January 8th.


Here's what we're learning about this week...

Reading- I can describe characters, setting, or major events in a story using key details.
Writing-I can write a gingerbread story using the pattern of the Gingerbread Man.  I can use details in my writing and illustrations.
Word Work- I can read and write my high frequency words. (them, because, from, have, there any)  I can recognize, read, and write words with long o )CVCe- bone).  I can recognize and read contractions with n't, 'm and 'll.
Math-I can identify 10 as a unit remaming respresentations of 10 (ex. 15 is 1 ten and 5 ones.) I can solve addition and subtractions problems decomposing and composing teen numbers as a 10 and some ones.  I can solve problems using 10 as unit. (make a 10 strategy 8+4 the 4 becomes 2+2)  I can solve subtractions problems using 10 as a unit in a 2 step solution (16-8 becomes 10 6)  Take from 10 strategy.