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Hi Parents,
Here's what's going on in Camp Wanna-Learn this week...

Important Dates for March

March 7th-March in the St. Patrick's Day Parade (information was already sent home, check Friday facts.)

Wednesday, March 18th- Late Start



Math-We are learning place value (tens and ones).  We are learning addition strategies for adding two digit  numbers:  count-on, quick 10's and 1's, make a ten.  We continue to work on these as well as math fluency.  Please continue to practice Math facts to 10.

Reading- We are working on ask and answer questions using key details to find answers.   We will also be describing characters, settings, and events using key details.

Social Studies- we will begin a study of maps.

Word Work- We will be working on high frequency words and words with long vowel sounds as a review.

Writing- We are working on opinion writing this week.