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Welcome y Bienvenidos to Ms. O'Doherty's Fourth grade class page! 


Boomerang Folder: A "boomerang" is defined as an object which is made to return to the owner when it is thrown. For example, when someone throws a boomerang, it comes right back! That is the idea behind our boomerang folders. Everyday your student will take home a boomerang folder. On the right side will be their important homework information, and on the "left" side will be paperwork and things that are meant to be "left" at home. Each boomerang folder is sent home every afternoon, and needs to be sent back with the student the next morning. Always clean out the boomerang folder every night. Homework should be done and placed in the homework slot....paperwork and other things need to be emptied out and left at home!


Birthdays: Birthdays will be celebrated in the classroom. There is a no birthday treat rule in district 205.  Your child may bring a trinket to pass out to the class or donate an item (such as a ball or game for indoor recess, but NO food objects please.


Library: We visit the library EVERY FRIDAY. In order for your student to check out a new book, they must bring back the book(s) from the previous week.


Lunch Money:  Please send lunch money in an envelope or Ziploc baggie with your child’s name clearly written on the front.


Recess: Unless it is raining or extremely cold we go outside, please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.



Absences: If your child is going to be absent for any reason please call the 24-hour attendance line: 630-617-8344

Teacher: Ms. O’Doherty,, 503-347-2168

Principal: Mrs. Jane Bailey,, 630-832-8601


Math - Students sometimes have math homework Monday - Thursday. If they are not given math homework they may access Zearn on computer or tablet for additional math practice. Estudiantes frecuentamente tienen tarea de mate Lunes - Jueves. Si no les doy tarea de mate ellos puedan acesar Zearn Math por computadora o tablet para practica adicional. 


Reading - Students have a weekly reading log Monday - Thursday. Students need to read for 30 minutes each night and record their reading on the reading log. Students AND parents must sign the log before students turn it in to me on Friday. Estudiantes tienen un diario de la lectura semanal. Ellos tienen que leer por 30 minutos cada noche y escribir lo que leyeron en su diario. Los estudiantes y padres tienen que firmar y ellos me entregan su diario cada Viernes. 


I do not give homework over the weekend although my expectation is that all students are reading EVERY DAY (including Saturday and Sunday) for a half hour each day.

>O'Doherty, Megan

4th Grade Teacher


Specials are every day from 1:00-2:00


Monday: Music & Spanish

Tuesday: Learning Lab (With Ms. O)

Wednesday: ART

Thursday: P.E. & Music

Friday: P.E. & Spanish


*Library book check-in/ check-out is every FRIDAY at 2:00-2:30


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